Kakšna je zgodba programske opreme nove generacije Flerp Dent in katere prednosti prinaša?

What is the story of the Flerp Dent new generation software and what advantages does it bring?

The work of a dentist does not only include aesthetic, surgical procedures, and X-rays — behind the scenes, there are also a mountain of administrative work, repetitive manual activities and processes, and communication between the office staff and their patients.

Diamant Dental Center also encountered this often time-consuming, impractical, and obstructed work. One of the main problems was entering the patient’s data into several different programs, wasting time searching for information in the patient’s file, searching for the patient’s X-rays, and inefficient communication with patients and, consequently, missed appointments. Because of these problems, the work between the employees and the overall experience of the patient suffered, before and after the procedure.

Since there was simply no single software solution on the market that would alleviate such problems with a full package of functionalities, we have been working with Diamant Dental Center for the past two years by developing, digitizing, and automating their business performance with the use of one solution for most of their business processes — introducing Flerp Dent software solution!

From the comfort of their office chair or their home armchair, they can now access all information about the patient in one place via a mobile application and a web application for a computer (CRM), without the need to search for images in additional programs. Using the calendar, they can book a patient with one click, and both receive an automated reminder before the appointment. Prior to the first examination, the patient fills out questionnaires and forms digitally, so the doctor already has their medical and personal data and GDPR consents, which are part of this questionnaire, waiting for the patient upon their arrival. After the first examination, they can easily plan treatment through our software solution and issue an offer and/or an advance. After the procedure itself, appointments are fiscally closed by issuing invoices, and in the background, of course, everything is automatically verified for tax purposes. Their employees can log hours and coordinate absences with comprehensive HR support (HRM). They can also communicate with their patients via SMS, email, and interactive chat, and much more!

Using Flerp Dent, Diamant Dental Center has reduced queues and the amount of physical documents, administrative tasks, and errors due to manual data processing. Not only are the clinic’s business processes clearer and more manageable, but the coordination of appointments is more flexible, and the implementation of employees’s needs into said processes and communication with patients and their entire experience is improved, too, as everything is faster, more transparent, and simpler with the use of Flerp Dent.

The outstanding potential of the Flerp Dent software solution has also been recognised by other well-known clinics in Slovenia, which are already successfully using it and are thus creating digital dentistry of the new generation.

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